Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War: Cease and Desist

So Reynolds Metering has sent this to WordPress,  the hosting company for this wonderful blog

Cease and Desist IMMEDIATELY
You currently are the domain host listed for the website
This website is using unauthorized personal material on their website to libel our company.  Our companies clients and customers information is listed within this website, and was obtained while the author of the website was an employee with the company.
If this information and website is not taken down immediately our company will take all necessary legal action against the host as well as the author of this webpage.
Please feel free to contact us at the Reynolds Metering Services corporate office if you would like to discuss anything pertaining to this site and its unlawful positing of our personal company information.  888-963-8377 ext 702

Melissa Reynolds

I have complied with the request to remove the “Know Clients” Page,  if you would like this inform leave a comment and I will still supply it.  It is public information.

I also find it comical that Reynolds believes they know who I am,  they do not.  While I have been in contact with many of their former employees and contractors, and have been able to compile a HUGE amount of info,  I am not nor was I in the past an Employee of Reynolds Metering.

Try Again Sweetheart……….


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