When Chickens Come home to Roost

Ripoff Report Exploded today with Activity about Reynolds Metering Services, LLC

Currently there are 7 Postings

Ripoff Report Index

7-11-2012:  Ripped me off. Have not paid me for 2 months
7-11-2012:  Did not get paid and was talked down too
7-11-2012:  Had to beg to get paid
7-10-2012:  I was hired as a Meter Reader and was NEVER paid!
7-10-2012:  Still having pay me in 3 months I didn’t work for them anymore

Be sure to stay tuned here as we get more info


4 thoughts on “When Chickens Come home to Roost

  1. Rodney says:

    Hi, this is Rodney, I like what your doing with the site, keep it up!

    • Thank you, I hope you spread the word.

      I am working on creating a mailing list to start posting updates to… Keep checking back, I know the updates have been slow… but I will be changing that.

  2. Tom Polo says:

    I want to thank you for the time you have given to help protect sub-contracting meter readers. I recently had contracted work with Reynolds metering services. Although the job was small I still had to press Melissa for payment. The way she handled it made me look deeper into RMS.
    I’m sure you’ll appreciate this story. After realizing I may never get paid, I used convincing language that I was very interested in doing more work in my area. After getting my check, I continued to advise her that would be submitting my readings shortly, all the while waiting for the check to clear. Today I informed Melissa that I played her.
    That’s one for the meter workers!
    Thanks again!

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