Yet another Person claiming Reynolds Metering Owes them Money

Another poor soul has posted a RipOff Report saying that too have no been paid for services rendered

I was hired via internet to read meters at commercial properties out of Fort Smith Arkansas.the agreement was 30 days net,witch meant I would get paid monthly about the same time I was to take reading again.I have taken the readings since September and have only been paid via paypal one time for Septembers readings.I have sent emails and left messages and they refuse to respond.I will no longer take the readings.They still owe me 3 months pay though.This is a sixty mile round trip for me and I have expenses for fuel,maintenance,and time.I do not understand why they would do this to people.It is so wrong in so many ways

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It also appears Reynolds is not shutting down as was rumored as new Ads seeking more readers have appeared on Ebay Classifieds………