File a Complaint

This page is broken in to 2 section,  For Tenants and For Contractors.

Tenants and End Consumers

There are several things you can do if you feel your being billed by a Utility Billing Company incorrectly. These should be done in order.

  1. The first step is to Calmly and accurately explain your problem to the billing company,  when your on the phone with their customer service rep understand their is probably not much they can do right then and their,  they will have to make notes on your account and get other people in the company involved to investigate your problem., It does you no good to yell, scream or cuss at the person answering the phone. You must be calm, and polite even if your very angry.   If you want the person on the phone to actually try to help you, then be nice.  You still many not get any resolution but at the end of the day you will never speak to the people that actually make that call, or put the policy in place that forced the customer service rep to deny your request, if you get no resolution then move on to the next way to complain.
  2. Talk to your property management,  they have direct lines into the billing company that is not accessible to you,  everything stated above about being nice and polite goes double for talking with your property management.
  3. Consult your Public Utility commission,  they may have rules that the billing companies or the properties are violating, or they may not care at all, but it is worth a 10min phone call to find out.
    If they have an offical complaint for,  fill it out and submit it,  Be sure to give them plenty of time as the government moves very slow
  4. File a complaint with the local BBB in the city that the company owes you money is in (not your local BBB, but their local BBB)
  5. If everything else has failed and your for sure your in the right and the company is screwing you over You can always GO NUCLEAR!!!

Contractors and Techs

If you provided services as an independent contractor and did not get paid there are a few steps to take

  1. Send a Demand Letter (google for templates and examples) for your unpaid invoices
  2. Contact the property you did the work on, ask if they have paid for your services and if they could help in finding out why you were not paid
  3. If your doing work for a service contractor that does work for a billing company, contact the billing company(the property will be able to help you with contact information)
  4. File a complaint with the local BBB in the city that the company owes you money is in (not your local BBB, but their local BBB)
  5. Check to see if the amount owed is Under the small claims limit, if so file a Small Court Claim against them
  6. If Step 5 is not an option seek out an attorney to file a full suit against the other party
  7. If all else Fails GO NUCLEAR!!!!!!!!


You should only do this if you have no other options,  Tell your story to world. Post on online consumer Advocate Boards and sites,  Tell anyone that will listen your story.

Here are some recommendations:

Ripoff Report has a stellar reputation of allowing anonymous consumer complaints and really protects your identity.  Further I know many billing companies monitor Ripoff Report and actively respond to complaints posted there.

Ripoff Report has a Section Dedicated to Utility Companies.

Go there Now

Pissed Consumer is not really geared towards Utility Complaints, and they have no section dedicated to it, but you can post to their “other” section

Go there Now

The Consumerist is a General Consumer Advocacy Blog,  you cant post your story directly, but if your story is appealing to them no one can draw more attention to the issue than the Consumerist. You have a have a damn good story though,  so it is long shot at best but might be worth the effort

Go there Now

Email us your Story,  We will post it on this blog.


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