When Chickens Come home to Roost

Ripoff Report Exploded today with Activity about Reynolds Metering Services, LLC

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7-11-2012:  Ripped me off. Have not paid me for 2 months
7-11-2012:  Did not get paid and was talked down too
7-11-2012:  Had to beg to get paid
7-10-2012:  I was hired as a Meter Reader and was NEVER paid!
7-10-2012:  Still having pay me in 3 months I didn’t work for them anymore

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Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War: Cease and Desist

So Reynolds Metering has sent this to WordPress,  the hosting company for this wonderful blog

Cease and Desist IMMEDIATELY
You currently are the domain host listed for the website meterconfessional.wordpress.com/reynolds-metering-services/
This website is using unauthorized personal material on their website to libel our company.  Our companies clients and customers information is listed within this website, and was obtained while the author of the website was an employee with the company.
If this information and website is not taken down immediately our company will take all necessary legal action against the host as well as the author of this webpage.
Please feel free to contact us at the Reynolds Metering Services corporate office if you would like to discuss anything pertaining to this site and its unlawful positing of our personal company information.  888-963-8377 ext 702

Melissa Reynolds

I have complied with the request to remove the “Know Clients” Page,  if you would like this inform leave a comment and I will still supply it.  It is public information.

I also find it comical that Reynolds believes they know who I am,  they do not.  While I have been in contact with many of their former employees and contractors, and have been able to compile a HUGE amount of info,  I am not nor was I in the past an Employee of Reynolds Metering.

Try Again Sweetheart……….

Reynolds Metering is at it again….

Another person, user “Rodney”, has complained of non-payment for services rendered. Reporting at Ripoff Report.com he says

He had the nerve to call me a jackass and tell me that he is doing me a favor by talking to me over the phone claiming he found me,  when in return I just want my check for completed work. He talks tough over the phone only because I will never see him in person.

Brian will never admit that he is the problem,  it is always someone elses fault, or it is your fault,  he is perfect in is own mind……

Its been since January since i got paid anything, I got one check for 60.00, after that nothing, and I only got it because I told them I didn’t have no gas to get to the property, so they sent a check over night.

This is a Good tip,  Often the only time I have heard people actually getting money is to have a sob story,  so make one up,  but I would advise taking any money you do get and running.  If you have to beg to get paid for work you do for a business then in my opinion that business is not worth working for,  but as always your an adult and make your own choices

It was suppose to be a 30 day pay period with them, but every month it was an excuse. They lost personnel, there behind on checks, blame it on Cindy, talk to Misty, now its Sarah at the front desk. I just called her and asked can I speak to someone in H.R. and she said its no one there.

They do have a very very high turn over rate for personnel,  There is no “HR” to talk to,  nor was “Rodney” and employee, he was a contractor.  Brian and Melissa own the business,  Sarah is their “assistant” or “unfortunate soul that accepted a job there”.   There is no other employees,  they have all quit, many of them(atleast 50% as of the time of this posting) because they were not paid either.

So I asked her was she the only one in the building and she kept referring back to Brian, contact Brian he’s over the payments of checks, but according to Brian, he is telling me that he has to get in contact with the company to see if they issued the check via email.

Probably “the check” is it talking about is getting a payment from a client, they are always cash strapped and operating expenses are paid from incoming revenue in real time with no reserves,  and that incoming revenue stream is often less than the expenses due thus why your payments are late, they are waiting for more invoices to be paid….  It is a never ending game of “rob peter to pay paul”.  Keep in mind that their vendors pay them on time, it is not a matter of Reynolds waiting for months to be paid for work completed,  no no their largest vendor pays them on average 14 days after Reynolds Submits the invoice.  They just do not have enough overall work to cover their fixed expenses AND pay the readers what they were promised.

Many small business have these cash flow problems, but with Reynolds Metering they seemed to have taken it to a whole new level.  Including refusal to pay contractors and vendors for services rendered,  and if they have no further use for your services good luck getting any money out of them.

I’ve not only read meters, I done service work with this guy over the phone, and his excuse is he has so many employees, i got lost in the shuffle. I am trying to be nice about this situation but this is not even my character.

Reynolds Metering currently has less than 50 Contract employees nationwide,  they have 3-4x that many that have quit. You did not get lost in the shuffle…..

They need to be stopped. I will post more about this company also.

They need Start operating in a open and honest manner, paying their contractors and vendors on time, every time.  Thousands of business’ do it every day,  the only reason I can see that Reynolds cant is a poor management team.

Meter Confessional…..

Welcome to Meter Confessional, tales from Private Metering.

What is Private Metering

For most people your utility bill comes from a regulated public utility company, but for a small, but ever increasing, segment of the renting (or owner for condo’s and other multi-tenant buildings) population some or all of your utilities may be “master metered” by the public utility then “sub-metered” by the property owner/manager or condo association.  The public utility will then send a bill for the usage for the entire property or building to the owner/manager/coa so you the tenant/condo owner never get a bill from the actual utility company.  owner/manager/coa will use the usage data from the submeters (which are owned by the owner/manager/coa not the utility company) to create a bill for your share of the over all utility bill.  In most jurisdictions it is illegal for the owner/manager/coa to profit from the sale of these utilities (which means they have to sell them at cost to you) doing otherwise means they have to form their own regulated utility company which none of them want to do.

Most properties will subcontract the management of their utility billing to a 3rd party billing service or remote billing service (some times also reffered to as a read bill collect service) (RBC). These companies charge a various fees to the property and end consumer for their services,  these fees include metering reading fees, meter service fees, statement fees, customer service fees, payment processing feee, and more.  It is a HUGE business with almost no regulation governing how they operate.  There are hundreds of these companies nationwide,  some large sending tens of thousands of bills out every month,  some are very small sending out just a few bills a month. Continue reading